Elephant Coloring Pages

Elephants are some of the largest mammals on the planet. There are 3 elephant species that we recognize: The African Forest Elephant, Asian Elephant & the African Bush Elephant. They are very hard to differentiate and almost impossible to do so by the naked eye. The best way to differentiate them is to look at their ears. African elephants have bigger ears, while Asian elephants have smaller ears and level backs. The most unique thing about these animals is their long trunk which is used for many things such as drinking water, breathing & it is able to get a firm grip on almost anything. Because they are very heavy and have legs that look and feel like pillars, they are used as working animals on some countries. They are an endangered specie, and some of their relatives such as Mammoth’s have become extinct.

For the elephant coloring pages, we recommend you use gray and other dark colors.

21 Free Printable Elephant Coloring Pages