Fish Coloring Pages

There are hundreds, if not thousands of fish species out there. The thing we know for sure is that they all live in water. Some fish like salmons have gills and they are also covered in scales, but opposite to that, Eels have bodies that are similar to worms’ and they have a very slimy skin. The largest fish out there is the whale shark which usually eats smaller fish species.

Their sight sense is not that developed, but their hearing, tasting and smell is much better, and that helps them find food and sense when there are any threats.

More than 70% of the world is made of water, and that’s one of the main reasons there are that many fish species out there. As for the fish coloring pages, you can use blue or gray colors to paint the fish. For coloring salmons, you can use red & depending on the other fish types you can use whichever color you like.

Here are 30+ Free Printable Fish Coloring Pages