Frog Coloring Pages

Frogs are animals which are not loved by many, but some people think they are cute. Some people even like to keep them around as pets, which is a very rare thing. They usually have a fat body which can absorb water, eyes that stick out, a long tongue and they have no tails. Since they usually live on trees, their skins are protective and they vary in colour from camouflaged to grey and green. This makes them a great contender for coloring pages because they are great for children that are just starting out to color pages. Adult frogs usually live on dry land or fresh clean water, and that’s where they can be usually spotted. Almost one-third of the species are threatened with extinction, and more than 100 frog types have been extinct since the early 80’s. We recommend using green, brown & dark grey colors for painting the frog pages.


27 Free Printable Frog Coloring Pages: