Lion Coloring Pages

Across most cultures of the world, lions are considered to be the king of the jungle. This is mostly because of their agility and their place in the animal society. An interesting fact about lions is that they don’t hunt. It’s the lioness that does this part, and the lion’s responsibility is to protect them from the other lions and any other attackers. They are fearless when it comes to fighting, and can take any fight. The lion is a cat with a long body, short legs and a large head. They are usually around 2 meters tall and they weigh around 200 kilograms. Lions color varies from yellow, brownish orange and silvery gray to dark brown. One of the most majestic looking ones are the dark brown ones.

Our recommendation for the color choice when painting the lion coloring pages is to use a combination of yellow, brown, orange and silver.


Free Printable Lion Coloring Pages