Monkey Coloring Pages

Monkeys can be considered as the smartest animals in the world. They usually live in the trees, but there are also some monkeys which live in the ground, one of them being the Baboons. They come in different sizes and shapes. There are some monkeys that are as small as 4.6 inches and they can go up to 3.3ft long. Monkeys separate into two groups: New World & Old World Monkeys- and there are over 260 different types of them. Even though Chimpanzees and Apes are usually thought to be in the monkeys category because of their body type, they are scientifically not considered as such. They feed themselves with things such as fruits, eggs, berries, nuts, insects, leaves and sometimes they even hunt smaller animals when they are desperate.

Since there are a lot of monkey types in the world, my recommended colors for the monkey coloring pages would be Brown, Black, White & Dark Grey.


50+ Free Printable Monkey Coloring Pages