Summer Coloring Pages

Summer is one of the hottest and driest seasons of the year. It is the most loved season of the year because people go to vacations & the beach. Children are freed from responsibilities because they don’t have to go to school, and that contributes to summer being their favorite season of all four.

There is a lot of room for activities during summer because the days are longer, nights are shorter and the weather is always nice, even during the night.

You’re free most of the time to do whatever you want, so if you want, you can go relax with your friends or family on the beach, or go out for a stroll. There are also some fruits which are considered to be summer fruits such as watermelon, lichee, jackfruits, cucumber, muskmelon and mangoes.

Some people that live in urban areas usually dislike summer because they say it gets very hot, and almost unearable. To fight that, people usually go to seaside resorts or villas, beaches, camps and picnic places. Being in nature is the best way to fight the heat waves of the summer.

Personally, i love the summer because i love seeing people around in the streets. During the winter, people usually go out only when they have something important to do, and they rush back to get to their home or somewhere warm. In the summer, it is the exact opposite, and people can socialise more with their friends and families by visiting restaurants or any other social places. In fact, I’ve met most of my friends during summer!

When it comes to the summer coloring pages, you can use almost any color you like to paint them, because summer is very colorful. I would recommend yellow for the sun, blue for the sky and green for the land.

21+ Free Printable Summer Coloring Pages